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Classic bread cosmetic bag European and American fashion hand shoulder bag female bag wild mini ladies diagonal small bag
3-49 EACH
3-49 EACH
50-99 EACH
50-99 EACH
100-999999999 EACH
>= 100 EACH
Inventory Location:
China , Djibouti
Weekly Sea Freight, LCL; Air Freight
Lead Time:
7-30days, subject to order volumn
Shipping Time:
15 Days (to Djibouti)
From China:
23 Days (to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Product Description
Everyone, pay attention to the different places of the bag Choose the color directly. There is a small cover zipper on the back.undefinedundefined

The color Y is like this, there is no zipper cover, don't choose the wrong oneundefinedundefined


Special Note】: Different batches of hardware and linings will be different, when the same color is out of stock, other colors or other patterns of the same price and the same paragraph are randomly allocated. All women's bags in this shop have no tags, mind those who take care! 

【Delivery time】: Start to prepare the goods the next day after payment & ldquo; Within 3 days & rdquo; Arrange the delivery of the goods, because it takes time to prepare the goods, the urgent proposal to ship the same day should be considered carefully. After the goods are delivered, the delivery time is mainly based on the freight company. The company will not guarantee the time limit. Those who urgently need the goods, please choose the freight method carefully. The company will not accept refunds for returned goods due to the arrival time. 
【Shipping Instructions】: The main wholesale of this station does not have a separate quality inspection personnel. If there is a minimum of 50 shipments, if there are less than 50 bags for shipment, an additional 10 yuan delivery fee will be charged for each item. 
In order to meet the needs of small retail sellers, the batch requirements of this site are very low. One batch of spot goods can be mixed, and batches can be mixed, and styles can be selected at will. 
【payment method】Recommend Alipay online transaction. Optional bank transfer, support Alipay secured transactions, etc. 
Return policy: 
Non-quality issues will not be accepted for return and exchange. If you need to return or exchange each bag, deduct 2 yuan for depreciation and packaging. If the goods have quality problems or belong to our mistakes, the wrong goods will be sent, we will replace the goods for you for free(Request for express delivery, return postage is the responsibility of the customer, and postage is borne by us)If you return the product directly, you can only return the payment, and the postage is not responsible ~ do not accept the return of the payment. 
Definition of quality issues: 
A The fabric has obvious holes 
B. The left and right are obviously asymmetric (except for the style reasons). If there is obvious size, length, etc. 
C There are obvious stains (based on 1cm diameter) 
You can apply for a return within 3 days of receipt,(From the date of receipt)Expired will not be accepted! The returned merchandise must be brand new and unused, not washable, and should not be damaged artificially. The packaging and original accessories must be kept intact and returned in their original condition. Courier delivery is not accepted. Otherwise, it will not be dealt with! 
The following situations are not within the scope of quality problem exchange: 
1. Odor problem. (Some fabrics may have some odor after special treatment. Some warehouses have odor) 
2. The thread ends are not cleaned or the individual lines are opened and crimped, etc. 
3. Slightly dirty on light-colored fabric (may be brought during the production and sales process) 
4. The quality of the fabric or the degree of transparency, etc. (There is no standard, personal feelings and expectations, there is no standard and definition, please understand) 
5. Used washing products cannot be exchanged 
6. Without contacting us and telling the reason for return, unauthorized return of items will not be processed. 
7. Seriously remind that products with no quality problems will not be accepted for return. If there are quality problems, the products can be returned. 
8. Regarding printing problems, halo dyeing and irregular printing patterns are common in mass-production printing, which is normal and does not deal with quality problems. 
9. For all bags with edging oil, the edging oil partly comes off and is printed and dyed(Erasability)Not a quality issue

10Some bags are bags and courier bags. It is inevitable that there will be indentations or creases during the delivery and transportation process. Quality problems will not be dealt with.




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