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Factory direct splicing trapezoidal training table Hexagonal conference room training table diverse combination table four side table
>= 2 Zhang
Inventory Location:
China , Djibouti
Weekly Sea Freight, LCL; Air Freight
Lead Time:
7-30days, subject to order volumn
Shipping Time:
15 Days (to Djibouti)
From China:
23 Days (to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Product Description















Guangzhou Jinbaowang Office Furniture Factory is located in Tianling Industrial Zone, Xinke Liushe, Xinke Village, 106 National Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. It specializes in producing and selling office furniture series. Products include office screens, high screens, office desks, computer desks, and a complete product system of various swivel chairs, conference chairs, bookcases, file cabinets, conference tables, sofas, and coffee tables. Jinbaowang's professional technology, affordable price, and excellent service deserve your trust !! Welcome customers to order and negotiate!


【Product Style】Furniture quotation based on actual materials and materials(Size, color), The screen surface can choose cloth velvet, aluminum-plastic board, triamine board, glass and free to match, to quote.

One,【Pictures, evaluation questions】
1. The product picture is affected by factors such as shooting angle, light, computer monitor and computer configuration, and there is a slight color difference with the actual product. This is also how difficult to avoid online shopping. Please understand, the actual product shall prevail.
2. Please do not judge the product or the evaluation standard by subjective self-esteem. We are doing our best to treat every buyer, and it cannot be a good one that you think or do not imagine to affect our credit. We are all selling in good faith, and every comment you make is very important to us, thank you!

two,【Delivery, sign】

1. The baby purchased in Guangzhou is over 3,000 yuan, free home delivery and installation; if the purchase of goods is less than 3,000 yuan, each order will be charged 200 yuan for delivery installation fee or own goods. The packaging fee and the shipping cost to the logistics company are charged 100 yuan, and the shipping is delivered through the logistics company. In order to ensure the quality of the furniture transportation, the freight is paid on delivery and the buyer pays.

2. The order must be made now, depending on the amount of the order. Generally, it will be shipped within 8 days after the order is placed. Depending on the distance, weather factors, etc., the arrival time will be different. Our products are only shipped after careful inspection by the buyer. Please bring your ID card when picking up the goods. Be sure to inspect the goods face-to-face. When the goods are found to be wrong or the transportation is damaged, please do not sign and contact us in time. You solve. Our shop will always settle with receipts, invoices need to add 8%, and please explain whether it is opened or not!

Three, maintenance instructions:

1. Avoid sun and rain, and prevent flooding;

2. To clean, just use a soft cloth or soft brush to pat gently;

3. Handling or moving should be carried with care, and can not be dragged to avoid damage.


【Liquidated damages】

Because furniture is a large item, there is no inventory and all reservations are required. After you have paid, the order will take effect and enter the factory order processing process. You will no longer be able to cancel and change your order. If a special reason causes a return, replacement, or modification of an order that has entered the production process, we have the right to deduct 30% of the total price of the returned goods as a penalty. Because the buyer's reason causes the return shipping fee to be borne by the buyer, please understand! ! !

The furniture belongs to many types of custom-made, each person's requirements are different, so the shop does not have installation drawings. Please make sure that you can install it or ask a professional installer.

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