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Garment Steamer For Clothes Handheld 360 degree Electric Steam Brush Iron Machine With EU US Plug For Home Travel Home Appliance
>= 100 Piece
Inventory Location:
China , Djibouti
Weekly Sea Freight, LCL; Air Freight
Lead Time:
7-30days, subject to order volumn
Shipping Time:
15 Days (to Djibouti)
From China:
23 Days (to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Product Description

Garment Steamer For Clothes Handheld 360 degree Electric Steam Brush Iron Machine With EU US Plug For Home Travel Home Appliance


Product size: 32*8*11.5cm

Product material: ABS

Packing quantity: 30pcs/carton 

Packing specifications: 60*34*47cm

Net weight: 22.5/21kg

20 'cabinet: 8700pcs

40 'cabinet: 18800pcs

Box size: 34*11.6*7cm

With color box weight: 0.7kg

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

Power: 800W

The use of the environment: minus 20 degrees -50 degrees

Product size: 29.5cm * 7cm * 7.5cm

Line length: 175cm


1, little and dainty, convenient to carry and use

2, with a removable brush

3, five steam outlet

Fast, easy and simple ironing experience, the new hand-held mini electric iron, rapid vaporization of liquid water, bringing a steady stream of sufficient steam, rapid softening fiber clothes, let you a little time and little action, you can easily smoothing out wrinkles.

Steam brush (hand-held hanging ironing machine)

Hand held big steam cleaning experience, let the housework simple and fast. Large transparent water tank design, than ordinary steam brush 1/2, reduce the number of water, to facilitate the view of water.

Do not miss the steam brush, from the inside out, whether it is visible wrinkles or deep layer of the twists and turns of the clothes, can quickly heal, to see the glory of you.


By 2 seconds each time can produce a strong explosion of steam explosion

Safety: This product has a full automatic temperature control and thermal fuse double protection, can prevent abnormal, high temperature, prevent hot clothing.

Power saving: when the indicator light is on the electric heating, when the indicator light goes out, it is no use of electricity to work by waste heat, and energy saving and environmental protection.

Up to 20g per minute

High 20g continuous steam output per minute better wrinkle effect;

The 360 degrees in any angle can be strong steam injection, let ironing without dead angle, vertical ironing, do not need ironing board, fast ironing all folds, Korea as new.

Strong power fast simple

This steam brush rapid heating, can maintain a very stable temperature in ironing during light and night for wrinkles

Safe and reliable to ensure family health

The brush material products using imported materials, safe and reliable, to ensure the health of their families

Steam brush with revolutionary significance

Easy wrinkle: 20g per minute continuous steam output, wrinkle effect

One key operation: simple operation, sustainable steam can be intermittent out of steam explosion

Precision brush: brush dust decontamination, suitable for sand window, sinks, marble and other decontamination

Hand held more comfortable: mini size, easy to carry, the arc of the handle design

Electrostatic cloth brush: go to electrostatic, go to hair ball

Line clip: clip for suit pants edge, hypotenuse, tie ironing design



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