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New year gift set kitchenware plastic sealer lid
>= 1 Piece
Inventory Location:
China , Djibouti
Weekly Sea Freight, LCL; Air Freight
Lead Time:
7-30days, subject to order volumn
Shipping Time:
15 Days (to Djibouti)
From China:
23 Days (to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Product Description


2016 innovative product for homes













Size:  19/25cm D X5.75/6.5/7.5/ 9.5cm H

Color:White,Black ,Blue,Yellow,Orange ,Purple ,green or ne customized 

Material: our innovative, patented design and space-age vacuum-generating materials.which  resist tear and puncture.

Tips: 1.Food Sealer with built -in stainless steel pump can not be in microwave,

         2.Pls pull up the pump to release vacuum seal before placing food sealer with plastic pump in             microwave  



PressDome :Keeping Air Out Keeps Food Fresher Longer


Air is the enemy of food freshness. The oxygen and moisture in air cause food to degrade over a short time and lose flavor and nutritional value. The bacteria and pollutants in air further accelerate such degradation. Conventional containers and plastic wrap actually trap air inside with food. But the innovative Keepeez vacuum packaging process removes air from your existing dish



More Specification :


How to use vacuum sealer:


PressDome™ can be used in one of two's your choice

A) For an AIRTIGHT SEAL, just place PressDome™ over food on any smooth surface. In this case, there is no need to press the built-in vacuum pump. This method of use works particularly well when keeping prepped meats and veggies fresh on your cutting board during the cooking process.

B) For a VACUUM SEAL, place your PressDome™ over food on any smooth surface and press the built-in vacuum pump. To release the vacuum, simply pull UP on the pump, let go and watch the pump rise as air rushes in.


Seals to Almost Any Surface

PressDome™ will work with the dinner plates, platters, bowls, skillets, cutting boards and even the countertops you have at home! You can seal food in any of your favorite porcelain, glass or stainless steel dishes. No need to buy more plastic containers that may contain BPA or other toxins.



Compared with keep fresh container and film:leak-proof 





PressDome Multiple Uses:


A) Vacuum Food Sealer for sealing leftovers quickly on their original plates, platters, bowls or even skillets; it can also seal fresh fruits or meat bought in bulk to save money.


B) Lunch Box To Go perfect for taking lunch to work or school so that you can enjoy a real meal on a real plate. No spills in your car!


C) Quick Marinator whose strong vacuum opens up the pores in meat or vegetables to infuse flavor in minutes.


D) Warmer that vacuum insulates your food to keep meals warm for late arrivers, to keep pancakes or breakfast hot for your kids and families and to keep food warm for parties, potlucks or picnics. You can also use as a Cooler to keep salads and fruits cool for picnics and parties.


E) Space Saver to allow you to stack and store multiple plates or bowls of food such as prepared meals, leftovers, fruits and baked goods in the refrigerator, freezer or cupboard without crushing your food.



Refrigerator, Freezer, Dishwasher & Microwave Safe


Your PressDome™ is easy to use – just place on any smooth surface for an airtight seal, and just press for a vacuum seal. It works with the plates, platters, bowls, skillets, cutting boards and even the countertops you already have at home! It is your Vacuum Food Sealer, Lunch Box To Go, Quick Marinator, Warmer & More... It goes from refrigerator or freezer, to microwave, to dishwasher, and to cupboard – make it the ONE product you'll want to use everyday!



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